Boston & Maine “Bluebird” GP-9 Road Numbers 1733 & 1749

In 1957 the B&M traded in its 48 worn-out EMD FT units that went into service during World War II, for GP-9s. The new units came to the railroad in the new "McGinnis" color scheme of bright blue, black and white - earning them the nickname "Bluebirds" from B&M crews. Often running in three- or four-unit combinations, the "Bluebirds" were B&M's main freight power until 1972, when the 200-series GP38-2s arrived. They remained the largest quantity locomotive and ruled the lines for 30+ years with a dozen of them getting repainted into Guilford Springfield Terminal colors.

Features Include:
-Scale Speed™ motor
-Powered low friction drive
-Blackened metal wheels
-Dual brass flywheels
-Directional lighting
-Golden-white LEDs
-AccuMate® couplers

List: $ 97.95

Scheduled for November 2005 Delivery

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Brooklyn Locomotive Works
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